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# Guide

This plugin exposes two components at @mr-hope/vuepress-plugin-comment/lib/client/<component name>.vue. Please include it manually in your theme.

  • <Comment />: Comment component
  • <PageInfo />: Page information component

# <PageInfo />

You need to insert the page information component (<PageInfo />) before the <Content /> component.

# <Comment />

It is recommended to insert the comment component (<Comment />) after the <PageNav /> component.

<Comment /> components are enabled globally by default. You can disable it by setting comment: false in frontmatter on a specific page.

To keep it globally disabled, please set comment to false in the plugin options. This way you can set comment: true in the frontmatter of a particular page to enable it locally.

You can choose from 2 comment service provider: Valine and Vssue.

Comparison between Valine and Vssue

  • Valine uses leancloud to support pageview statistics, and you can comment without logging in to any account
  • Vssue uses the issue panel of the code platform repo and requires the user to login or register the corresponding platform account.

If your site is for the general public rather than programmers, Valine is recommended.

# Valine

See Valine Config Guide

# Vssue

See Vssue Config Guide