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Original Intention

The original intention of building this theme was to find that VuePress default theme is just a theme to provide basic documentation layout.

For example, it will not inject meta tags for SEO optimization, nor will it generate a Sitemap to help search engines index the content of the document.

Though VuePress has extended Markdown syntax to a certain extent, it still lacks some commonly used functions, such as text alignment, mark, flowchart, formula, presentation, etc. At the same time, some features provided by the default theme are weak or missing, such as picture preview, dark mode, etc.

In this case, the design of vuepress-theme-hope was born.

This theme not only greatly improve outlook comparing to @vuepress/theme-default, but also dedicates to provide a full range of enhancements for VuePress with its plugins.

A project with plugins and powerful theme

Although vuepress-theme-hope/vuepress-theme-hopeopen in new window itself marked as a theme repository, it also contains more than a dozen equally complete and powerful plugin. Each plugin is also powerful, can be used with the default theme or third-party themes.

Based on such a dozen plugins, Mr.Hope can confidently say that vuepress-theme-hope is "A powerful theme with tons of features". It can also be seen as the most versatile and comprehensive theme among all VuePress themes.

Design Goals

  • Powerful and independent features

    We extract each feature into a plugin, so that users can use them in other themes or customize their behavior standalone.

  • Minimum Configuration

    All features will try to generate a default value if possible, so you can use them under zero or minimum configuration.

    This helps a lot to reduce your migration or learning costs while directly enjoy their convenience.

  • Improved Layout

    The theme interface has been completely refactored to provide customizable and beautiful layouts.

  • Tree-shaking

    With the help of Vue3's composition API, the theme fully achieve "Tree-shaking" while remaining powerful.

    The theme will only run with features you want, without being slowed down by other features or affecting the bundle size.

Why Powerful

Content Richness

The theme provides a lot of extended syntax support for Markdown, allowing you to insert more content in the body.

In short, anyone can enjoy the convenience of Markdown's enhanced syntax.

UI Improvements

Layouts Improvement

Blog Support

The theme supports blogging layout, you can use the brand-new blog homepage.

Search Engine Optimization

  • Provides SEO Enhance, will automatically inject information to fully support OGP and JSON-LD protocols, and enhance search engine indexing.

  • Provides Sitemap Generation

  • Provides PWA