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The theme adds feed support using vuepress-plugin-feed2open in new window.


vuepress-theme-hope provides plugins.feed in theme options to vuepress-plugin-feed2.

Enable Feed Output

The vuepress-plugin-feed2 plugin can generate feed files in the following three formats for you:

  • Atom 1.0
  • JSON 1.1
  • RSS 2.0


Atom and JSON are provided to improve more feed software adaptation.

Please use RSS if possible.

Please set plugins.feed.atom, plugins.feed.json or plugins.feed.rss to true in theme options according to the format you want to generate.


Of course you can enable them all. This is not a choose 1 from 3 situation.

Considering that rare people stick to feed now, this plugin provides a minimal configuration to adjust the automatic generation of detailed feed files. Also it allows you to freely define the output content of the feed.

Channel Settings

You can customize the feed channel information by setting the plugins.feed.channel in theme options.

We recommend the following settings:

  • Convert the date of creating the feed to ISOString and write it into channel.pubDate
  • The update period of the content set in channel.ttl (unit: minutes)
  • Set copyright information via channel.copyright, or fallback to copyright in theme options
  • Set the channel author via channel.author, or fallback to author in theme options

Default channel settings

  • The title and description of the channel is the name and description of the site by default

  • The link of the channel and the last update time will be automatically generated by the plugin.

For detailed options and their default values, see Feed Channel Configopen in new window

Generation Control

Default Generation

By default, all articles are added to the feed stream.

For the content read by default, see Configuration → Item Controlopen in new window

Customize Feed item

You can control how feed item is generated in specific article by configuring the feed option in frontmatter.

For detailed options and their default values, see Configuration → Project Settingsopen in new window.

Customize Feed Generation

You can take full control of feed items generation by configuring the plugins.feed.getter.

For detailed options and their default values, see Configuration → Feed Getteropen in new window.

I18n Config

The plugin generates separate feeds for each language.

You can provide different settings for different languages via plugins.feed.locales.