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The theme supports encryption of specific folders or specific paths, as well as global scope encryption.


Note that because of the limitation of vuepress, the content of the article is only hidden before being decrypted, and visitors can still get the content of the article from the source code (from js).

Please DO NOT USE this encryption function for any sensitive and confidential articles and files, please bear the consequences of it.

Local Encryption

You can configure encryption options through the encrypt.config options in theme options.

import { hopeTheme } from "vuepress-theme-hope";

export default {
  theme: hopeTheme({
    encrypt: {
      config: {
        // This will encrypt the entire guide directory, and both passwords are available
        "/guide/": ["1234", "5678"],
        // This will only encrypt config/page.html
        "/config/page.html": "1234",




Note that you can only use passwords in string format.

The salted hash value of the number 1234 and the string "1234" is different! While user can only enter the content in the string format through the input box.

Global encryption

In some cases, you may want to encrypt the entire site, you can set true in theme options to do that.

For global encryption, you can set one or more passwords in the format of string or string array in encrypt.admin.


The consideration of multiple passwords is separation of permissions. This allows you to deprecate or update some of the global passwords in future deployments, so that some users with certain password will lose access.