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vuepress-theme-hope improves the default home page.

To use it, set home: true in page frontmatter. Any extra content after the YAML front matter will be parsed as normal Markdown and rendered after the features section.


Frontmatter Options


  • Type: boolean

Enable homepage style when setting to true


  • Type: string
  • Required: No

Page title, will be used in breadcrumb, seo, etc.


  • Type: string | false
  • Default: "Hello"

Hero Title


  • Type: string | false
  • Default: "Welcome to your VuePress site"

Short description in hero


  • Type: string
  • Required: No

Home hero (logo) image address, need to fill in the absolute path (pictures need to be placed in the .vuepress/public folder)


  • Type: string
  • Required: No

Darkmode Home hero (logo) image address, need to fill in the absolute path (pictures need to be placed in the .vuepress/public folder), will be the same as heroImage by default.


  • Type: string
  • Required: No

Home icon alt text


  • Type: ActionConfig | ActionConfig[]
  • Required: No

ActionConfig structure:

  • text: Button text
  • link: Button link
  • type: Button type (Only support "primary" and "default" (default))


  • Type: Feature[]
  • Required: No

Structure of Feature:

  • title: string title
  • details (optional): string details
  • icon (optional): string support absolute or full image links, or icon FontClass
  • link (optional): string link address

Feature description


home: true
icon: home
title: Home
heroImage: /logo.svg
heroText: vuepress-theme-hope
tagline: A vuepress theme with tons of features✨
  - text: Get Started 💡
    link: /guide/
    type: primary

  - text: Config 🛠
    link: /config/

  - title: Markdown Enhance
    icon: markdown
    details: Add align, sup/sub script, footnote, tasklist, tex, flowchart, diagram, mark and presentation support in Markdown
    link: /guide/markdown/

  - title: Pageviews and comments
    icon: comment
    details: Start pageview statistics and comment support with Waline
    link: /guide/feature/comment/

  - title: Article information display
    icon: info
    details: Add author, writing date, reading time, word count and other information to your article
    link: /guide/feature/page-info/

  - title: Blog support
    icon: blog
    details: Add date, tags and category to your articles, then article, tag, category and timeline list will be auto generated
    link: /guide/blog/intro/

  - title: Article Encryption
    icon: lock
    details: Encrypt you article based on path and folders, so that only the one you want could see them
    link: /guide/feature/encrypt/

  - title: Custom theme color
    icon: palette
    details: Supports custom theme colors and allows users to switch between preset theme colors
    link: /guide/interface/theme-color/

  - title: Dark Mode
    icon: contrast
    details: Switch between light and dark modes freely
    link: /guide/interface/darkmode/

  - title: SEO enhancement
    icon: config
    details: Optimize pages for search engines
    link: /guide/feature/seo/

  - title: Sitemap
    icon: sitemap
    details: Generate a Sitemap for your site
    link: /guide/feature/sitemap/

  - title: Feed support
    icon: rss
    details: Generate feed to allow users to subscribe it
    link: /guide/feature/feed/

  - title: PWA support
    icon: mobile
    details: Make your site more like an APP
    link: /guide/feature/pwa/

  - title: More new features
    icon: more
    details: Including icon support, path navigation, footer support, fullscreen button, blog homepage, etc.
    link: /guide/feature/

copyright: false
footer: MIT Licensed | Copyright © 2019-present Mr.Hope